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Mood bullies are less sensitive, pass mood flus around, magnify their own strengths while minimizing their character flaws, and fail to learn from corrective feedback due to pitching fits and being emotionally intimidating. Where would we be without them? Dr. Stewart takes a compassionate rational stance on how to cope better with bullies in every segment of our society and relationships. Dr. Stewart’s work is filled to the gills with new insights that empower applications for everyone — including the bullies in your life that are driving you crazy. I highly recommend Finding the Good in the Workplace Bully to all those who are seeking personal mood mastery and peaceful communication tools to use in a troubled world.


Dr. Dennis O’Grady, Communications Psychologist
Mood Management, Family Business & Couple Communications Expert

Author, TALK TO ME: Communication Moves To Get Along With Anyone
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“Finding the Good in the Workplace Bully” is a new twist on an old problem. Who would have ever thought to turn the bully’s negative character traits into positives at the office? This innovative book explains how to transform the bully’s strengths into affirmative actions that make the workplace better for everyone. Dr. Stewart rethinks how to deal with the destructive effects of bullying by retraining the bully to use his/her efforts to build up the cohesion of the office instead of tearing it apart. This refreshing look at the all-too-common effects of workplace bullying is a must read for all in a supervisory capacity. If its suggestions are followed, this book will help your office run smoother.


J.B. Schuler, Centerville, Ohio


I really enjoyed this book and from a management perspective, I found it to be very helpful. It definitely provided some new insights and tools that I hadn’t previously considered. This book does a great job covering a tough topic. Brittany Clemens

I read this incredible book and my first thought being in business 40+ years was, I wish I had read it decades earlier. Congratulations Debra – I am so proud of you! Gary Deaton

Very insightful and thought provoking. For everyone in business today, from small companies to large corporations. A must-read for the employee to the employer, CEO to owner.
Joseph Deaton